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The Road Goes Ever On

Classes are out, and I'm glad. The Intro to World Music class for which I was the TA gave the professor and me a round of applause, which was very sweet of them. At some schools, it's customary to applaud at the end of a course, but not at the U of C. Any applause is a rare expression of high praise for the class.

I did get to see the Westboro Baptist Church and the associated counter-protest, and I took a couple of pictures. However, I think I'll hang on to them for a few more days, so that I can do one gigantic picspam early next week.

Tomorrow, at the buttcrack of dawn, I leave for Montreal, where I am presenting a paper on Bartók at a conference. The conference lasts the weekend, and then I'm going to stay and tourist around Montreal for another day, and I'll come home on Tuesday, full of pictures and stories.
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