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My Family Is The Best

I'm going to have to miss Passover this year, because there is an all-day gamelan rehearsal on the weekend that the East Coast Pony Family seder is being held. (Yes, I've bitched to the gamelan director about this.) The Pony Family is not happy, but they understand why I can't come home.

However, as I've said before, you just cannot keep the Ponies down when something is this important. It's the twenty-first century, we have technology, and by god, we are going to use it!

Therefore, here is the plan for Pony Passover this year: I will go to the gamelan rehearsal in Chicago, and then come straight home, fix me a plate of brisket and wait by the phone. When the East Coast seder is drawing to its singing climax, a speakerphone will be brought into the dining room, and they will give me a call. I will get to participate remotely in the singing by speakerphone.

Have I mentioned how awesome the Pony Family is recently?
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