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Things To Do With No Voice

1. Give a conference paper.
2. Lead a song workshop.

Yes, folks, I am a crazy lady. I beat back an incredibly ill-timed cold in time to be basically healthy for the convergence of Yiddish Break (a weekend of Yiddish-themed activities for college students and grad students hosted at the U of C, for which I was on the planning board and scheduled to lead a song workshop) and the local graduate music conference. However, as a parting shot, the cold settled in my chest, leaving me with half a voice when I woke up this morning.

This did not stop me from delivering the paper and then, after a couple of hours of rest, leading the song workshop. I am either She Of The Iron Voice or She Of The Feather Brain, depending on how you look at life.

But it was definitely worth it. Tomorrow, we dance.
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