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Half A Seder Is Better Than None

I just got off the speakerphone with the Pony Family. They called right after they'd finished dinner. I have my own copy of the Haggadah that our family uses, so I brought a bottle of wine and a glass into the bedroom where the phone is, and I got to participate in the final phase of the seder. The grace after the meal, a couple of Psalms, opening the door for Elijah, the third and fourth glasses of wine (don't worry, I'd already made a good start on the wine before they called!), and of course the final blessing. Next year in Jerusalem! (Or in Massachusetts.)

And then, of course, the real reason that we set up this phone date in the first place: the singing! I don't have a copy of the family song sheets, but between the Hebrew and transliterated texts in the Haggadah itself and the transcription of the Aramaic song that I made for the class I TAed, I had words for everything. Singing with a group on speakerphone is a little weird, because the phone can't quite process both ends at once, but we worked it out. I got to sing with my family this year, despite not being able to be with them as anything more than a little electronic box. But at least I got to be on the middle of the table!

It's not the real thing, but it's a surprising comfort. We all feel like we haven't abandoned each other now.
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