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The parentals are coming, oh my, oh my! The parentals are coming, oh my, oh my!

Mom Pony, Dad Pony, and Little Sister Pony are all coming for a week-long visit this afternoon. Part of the visit will be taken up with a trip to Chicago, where we will watch the Cubs lose and go singing, and part will be taken up with me showing the family around Grad School Town. Mom and Dad have a hotel room at the student union, but my sister is staying at my apartment. This of course means lengthy late-night giggle and gossip sessions.

My sister is starting nursing school in the fall. She's always been the black sheep of the family -- just imagine, she's doing something practical with her life!

I'm really excited about this. My parents are happily married to each other, but they are only rarely able to visit me at the same time, since they teach at different institutions with conflicting break schedules. And I get both of them at once and my sister, too! This is going to be too cool for words.

Radio says that there is a severe cement shortage. Ooooh. Hang on to your sidewalks, everyone!
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