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Cub Power!

We have returned from Chicago. It was a very successful trip, and I'll go into more detail later, maybe. But for now, I want to celebrate the Cubs games we experienced. On Wednesday, they played Toronto and won, 2 - 0. It wasn't so much the win itself that impressed me; rather, it was the style in which they won. The Cubbies scored both runs very early on in the game -- bottom of the third, I think -- and then proceeded to defend that rather slim lead for the rest of the game. This is something they've had trouble with in the past, and I am ecstatic that the Cubbies seem, at long last, to be learning how to defend a lead. They've also traded LaTroy Hawkins, which helped. He's a good pitcher, but he was a terrible closer.

Then today, the Cubs played the Red Sox. Usually, I like the Sox, on the theory that one is entitled to one NL team and one AL team. However, when it comes down to Cubs vs. Red Sox, this is where JastaElf and I must part ways. The Cubs absolutely stomped the Sox, 14 - 6. That one of those fourteen runs was Gregg Maddux's homer just makes it sweeter. One of my favorite things in baseball is when pitchers hit and field well, which is why I like Kerry Wood so much.

This isn't cheerful and baseball-fannish at all, which is why it's under the cut.

I got home today and checked my e-mail. Among the messages was one from the Chicago Sacred Harp singers. A gentleman whom I knew, a longtime member of the northside singers, died on Tuesday after a long illness. His name was on the sick and shut-in list at the Midwest Convention, and it will be on the deceased list at Maquoketa River tomorrow. Good-bye, Dean. I may return to Chicago one day, and I may sing at the third-Sunday northside singings again, but I will never have your voice next to mine again. I'll miss you.
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