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Nobody's Got No Class

So they've renamed the Sears Tower. Officially, it's now the Willis tower, after the British insurance company that's the biggest tenant in there. There's a lot of people saying that the name change won't catch on, and I wonder about that. They changed Comiskey Park to U.S. Cellular Field, and it was pretty stupid, but nowadays everyone just talks about how the Sox play at the Cell. Of course, in that case, the name change was helped along because the structure that is the Cell isn't the original Comiskey Park; they tore that down years ago and replaced it with an ugly stadium with an upper deck that was so steep people wouldn't sit in it.

On the other hand, when there was a proposal to sell the naming rights to Soldier Field, the city did rise up and beat that idea down with the swiftness it deserved. Even though Soldier Field itself has been turned into a gigantic UFO (back me up here, Dot!), the name still honors our soldiers. Even if the Bears' playing disgraces them.

But I think people kind of like the Sears tower, and I bet this name change will take a long time to stick. I also think that the practice of selling naming rights is a despicable way to make money, and people who buy naming rights should be ashamed of themselves, but that's just me, and it's a practice that's certainly not going to stop as long as there are people out there with money and no class and institutions with neither money nor principles. I can see selling the naming rights to a building that never had a name to begin with, like the music building at the Fairest College, but changing the name of an iconic structure for money is just tacky.

Whatever the name of the building is, I hear that they've installed these glass observation boxes on the 103rd floor so that you can go into them and stand 103 stories over the ground and look straight down through clear glass. I should go up and try them out one of these days. Maybe in September during Comps Week. Most of the tourists will be gone, and no one at school will have any time for those of us not taking comps.

When I do, I'll be sure to take pictures, including a few shots straight down to the streets, and post them here.
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