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Another New Course Idea

I need to mock up a reading/listening list for this (just for my files) relatively soon, before I forget.

I was thinking of the kind of job a singing acquaintance of mine recently got. I think his degree is in music theory, but he's a dedicated shape-note singer and teacher, and has a distinctly ethnomusicological frame of mind. He ended up getting a position at a small college out East that has no ethno classes or ethno professors. He is, technically, teaching music history and theory. But, he told me, he intends to make his classes Stealth Ethnomusicology™, introducing ethnomusicological methods of inquiry to his history/theory students.

So I was thinking . . . how cool would it be to teach a course on Early American music? A major text would be Richard Cullen Rath's How Early America Sounded, and I think I have an older book on revival music floating around somewhere. I could teach about the banjo, about church bells, about parody music from the Revolution, the revivals. This could be the course where I teach all about Supply Belcher, who was known in his day as "the Handel of Maine," a phrase that has always made me want to get into a conversation about Handel just so I can refer to him as "the Belcher of London."

Gotta note that down.
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