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First Day Of School!

Well, technically, that is. Actually, school was supposed to have started yesterday, but as soon as they made the schedule last year, they proofread it and discovered that the "first day of classes" was in fact Yom Kippur. D'oh! The administration did a very quick "oops, our bad," and canceled classes for yesterday. So, school starts today. I'm not taking classes any more, just TAing Intro to World Music again. That's a Monday/Wednesday class, so I don't even get to meet the students till tomorrow. And then only for a little while. The prof (my advisor, same as before -- basically, the Advisor 'n' Pony Show has been renewed for another season) is off giving a colloquium at Yale tomorrow, so I just show up to hand out syllabi and explain that anyone who still wants to be pink-slipped into the class should come back Monday.

I spent much of yesterday and the night before at the local synagogue (right across from The Family's home, so plenty of security) engaged in the Yom Kippur rituals of Endurance Judaism. Cool things from this: At Kol Nidre, I got to hang out with an old friend from the Former Job. It turned out that we'd both spotted each other before the service started; I made a note of where he was sitting and trusted that he wouldn't walk out in the middle of the service, so I'd see him afterward. He, on the other hand, apparently kept trying to get my attention throughout Kol Nidre, but succeeded only in getting the attention of the stolid, bearded gentleman sitting behind me, who thought he was very weird. But we did get to hang out for a bit afterwards, because of a flash downpour that we waited out in the building.

Also, I enjoyed the alphabetized listings of sins and virtues at the morning and afternoon services; they're alphabetized in both Hebrew and English, which makes me snerkle a bit. A speech that began with the words "Judaism . . . and Scottishness. The connections." And finally, towards the end of the afternoon service, even the rabbi started to flag a little, turning to the congregation and announcing, "The cantor assures me that we are on page 498, and I'm inclined to believe her."

I do like this cantor. She's starting up a four-week class on Sunday mornings on the history of Jewish music, and I think I'll sign up.

One of my friends came over for break fast. She's not Jewish, but she participates happily if I ask, especially because she hadn't really had much time for lunch that day. It was a cold dinner, which was not so great with the chill in the air, but it was a nice meal, and didn't involve me sitting and smelling something cooking while Very Hungry. I'd made a chilled strawberry soup, so we ate that along with a nice vinegary Caprese salad, the last of the challah, and a bowl of fresh figs. The figs were kind of a surprise. I stopped at the grocery store after Neilah let out to pick up some fresh basil for the Caprese salad, and . . . well, they always say you shouldn't shop hungry. Fortunately, my grocery store sets out stuff like lychees, longans, and fresh figs for impulse purchases, not Snickers bars. Fresh figs are good, and they made a nice complement to the meal.

So. Off to see about taking (yet another goddamn) German exam, reading more feminist musicology, photocopying the syllabus, and finding time to watch the movie I'll be screening for the class in a few weeks.

How were your weekends?
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