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Way back in June, I took my last practicum, the Transcription Exam. My advisor (who was supposed to grade it) was away in Europe for a month, and so I waited until school started to ask about the grade for the exam. I've been asking ever since mid-September, being a gadfly on the rumps of several people around the department. No one seemed to know what had become of the grade, or even whether or not a grade had been given. Today, I had some semi-success in that field. My advisor (who told me two weeks ago that he had passed the grade on to a gentleman who left the U of C) let it slip that I did, in fact, pass the Transcription Exam. All we need to do is locate the grade and get it into my Permanent Record. Like everything involving the Transcription Exam (oddly enough, this does not include the actual transcription itself), this is easier said than done. But I have high hopes of finding this grade . . .
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