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Success! Success!

Against all the odds, the All-Day Singing has managed to happen again, for the eleventh time, and be a rousing success. There were a million places where it could have gone irretrievably pear-shaped, and it didn't. People knew where to go. Stuff arrived on time. All my keys worked. People were good about only bringing bottled water into the recital hall. Singers loved the space. Handicap access was better than expected. Food was plentiful. Student kitchen helpers showed up on time and did fantastic work. They sang my song. Cleanup was thorough and efficient.

It could not have gone off better. This is probably because each and every single one of the Hyde Park singers has been angsting about this singing for six weeks already, but it all paid off.

Now I am waiting for seven o'clock, when I will go to Mandel Hall for the Halloween concert. I shall listen to The Planets and the Star Wars and Star Trek music, and enjoy being at a musical event that Somebody Else has put together for me.
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