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Kitchen Komedy!

I have a neat new kitchen device. It's a combination blender and mini food processor -- one motor base with two attachments. One of the reasons I got it was that the food processor has a shredder disk, and I would like to be able to make borscht without spending a full hour grating beets by hand, turning my kitchen pink in the process.

So last night, new food processor in hand, I decided to make borscht with the shredder disk. At first, things went pretty smoothly. I chopped the onion and the tomatoes and put them in the pot, then trimmed and peeled the beets, washed my hands, and assembled the food processor. It shredded beets like a charm. VRRRRRRRRRMMMM, and those beets were gone. The only issue, as it turned out, was that the flying beet shreds clung to the inside wall of the processor, so I really couldn't see how much grated beet I had. By the time I'd grated all the beets, I'd packed the processor bowl to the point that beet juice was starting to bleed out the sides. So I Very Carefully detached the processor bowl from the processor . . . and beet juice sprayed everywhere, turning my kitchen pink!

Well. I have now learned a Valuable Lesson about this food processor. Next time, I will empty the bowl after half the beets.

Of course, it did shred the beets nicely and in good time, which was what I wanted it to do, and I did manage to clean up the kitchen while the soup was coming to its first boil. But I'll definitely remember to take a peek inside while making latkes tomorrow!
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