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Just checking in . . .

I've been at home with the Pony family since Wednesday, lazing around, seeing cousins, and being generally pampered. The big news is Little Sister Pony's car was totaled about a week ago (she was inside the house at the time), and she's preparing to buy a new one. She and I will be traveling to Boston to meet up with Cousin Lothiriel (Cousin Halbarad's sister), who is known in the family as a sharp negotiator, and we will get her a new car. I've also been helping Little Sister Pony study up on hematology for her new job. We learned all about lymphomas today. The heart of the lesson was this: Lymphomas are Bad News. Be glad if you don't have any. Also, the clinical distinctions between lymphoma and leukemia, which are generally blurry, have recently been blurred differently.

Also, the word "hepatosplenomegaly." It means "enlargement of the liver and spleen."

Been hanging out with an old childhood friend -- we went to see Invictus, which was good but not as good as it could have been, and out for Indian food. I'll see her again this week, and then on New Year's Day, I'll get to see my best friend (the birthday buddy from New York) and his new girlfriend!
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