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Improbable Sports Injuries

My dad managed to break his wrist a few days ago. . . playing golf. Amazing. The man has played hockey goalie and still has all his teeth, he's played catcher for a couple of different kinds of baseball, he runs -- not jogs, runs -- insane distances, and how does he manage to hurt himself? Playing golf. In typical Dad Pony fashion, he let me know by e-mailing me a news story about a guy who committed suicide by jumping under an el train in Chicago in the neighborhood where I used to live, and in the little bit where you're allowed to attach your own remarks, he wrote that he had broken his wrist playing golf, but some people really had it tough.

Have I ever mentioned that my family consists of deeply weird human beings?

He's okay, and the people at the golf course were really nice about it and gave him a rain check, since this happened on the very first hole. Mainly he feels like an idiot. Maybe he ought to take up a safer sport, like prizefighting.
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