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So the Lord High Poo-Bah of the U.S. Marine Corps has reacted to the gradual easing up of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (a.k.a. The U.S. Armed Forces Tiptoe Mightily Into The Twenty-First Century) by gasping out that the Marines should not have to house gay Marines with straight Marines, so that this easing up would require the Marines to build separate but equal barracks with individual rooms so that Teh Gayz can be properly sequestered.

He also mentions that the Marine Corps is the only remaining branch of the Armed Forces that still houses its soldiers two to a room.

Let's put two and two together here. The U.S. Marine Corps is supposed to be the rootin'-est, tootin'-est, toughest, most fearless, most badass branch of the Armed Forces. They travel by land and by sea, they eat Army officers for breakfast, Navy officers for lunch, and Air Force officers for dinner, and snack on the Coast Guard in the afternoons. Their boot camp is the most feared, they have the shiniest swords, the coolest song -- these soldiers aren't supposed to be afraid of anything.

And yet, the straight ones are so scared of the gay ones that they want separate rooms?

Aha. I see a Nefarious Plot™ afoot. My guess is that plot was instigated by the jarheads to get single-room housing like all the other soldiers have. I bet they're hiding in their bunks -- straight Marines alongside gay Marines -- giggling like frat boys over how their prank is going over so well. I'm just waiting for that one nerdly gay Marine to blow the whole thing by deciding to add the cherry on top and demanding that all the scary straight Marines get their own rooms, too.
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