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Europe Looms

Counting down to the big trip! I have a blue folder full of every possible travel document I could ever want. Invitations, directions, maps, phone numbers, flight information, hostel information, train ticket, train schedule, other train schedule, other other train schedule.

And, of course, the paper I'll be giving. Can't forget that!

The nice thing about taking the week to prepare is that I can think of things gradually and not panic about doing them/obtaining them. Oops, shower flip-flops! No sweat*, I'll just make another CVS run for a cheap pair. That sort of thing. I've got laundry cooking, so I can pack at a nice leisurely pace tomorrow, do a houseclean so the place will be nice when I get home, and clear out the back "porch."** I fly out on Alitalia Friday at 3:30, and then the magic of the Copacetic Travel Bubble begins. Whatever happens, happens. I'm as prepared as I'll ever be.

This is going to be awesome.

* Other than the general sweat of it being 93 degrees.
** It's a little enclosed fourth-floor storage shed not worthy of the title "porch."
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