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Another Quarter Done

I taught my last class yesterday! Wheee! I have to meet with a student sometime soon, and of course there are final papers to grade, but I'm done teaching. I made it through my very first independent class! Now that it's done, let me just say that I absolutely adored my students. They're very smart, and even in a 9:00 A.M. class, they were engaged and willing to learn and participate. (Of course, knowing that participation was 20% of their grade probably helped with that.)

They were all over the material from Day One, and towards the end of the quarter, they'd gotten to the point where they'd discuss concepts with each other without needing to be prompted by me saying, "That's an interesting point, Marco; does anyone have anything to add to this?" I was especially pleased that they did this on the day when I had my second faculty evaluation. The professor who did the evaluation was impressed with them. Also, the class average on the second quiz was nine points higher than the average on the first quiz.

They've done ethnographic fieldwork. They've learned to discuss concepts of subculture, globalization, authenticity, and representation in a far more sophisticated way than their textbook does. They've sung at least three different styles of music, noodled on small instruments, played the gamelan, and danced a Scottish country dance. Our last class was a folklore class rather than an ethnomusicology class, because they've gotten to the point where they can see how music fits into the larger picture that we discussed (holiday traditions).

And I've had a great time teaching them. Yay Teacher Pony!
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