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Oh, maaaaaaaaaan.

I just saw the Best Musical Instrument EVAR: the Zeusaphone. The Zeusaphone is, essentially, a Tesla coil that has been wired up through a MIDI interface to play music.

With lightning.

Check out the videos. The best part is, you can actually rent these setups through the website. Just think of it! For Organology Day this year, I brought in a few small folk instruments for the class to try out. For Organology Day the next time I get to teach 102, there will be two new instruments added (more on this in an upcoming post -- watch this space). But just imagine if, one day, I were to come into some serious money. Maybe a named professorship or something -- those come with research budgets. I could go rent a Z-26 setup and completely blow my students' minds.

Oh, man. The possibilities are endless. I'd be the most badass ethnomusicology professor in the entire world, playing music for my students with lightning bolts.
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