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After The Storm, A Picspam

I went out yesterday, after the blizzard stopped, just to take a walk and see what the third-biggest blizzard in Chicago memory looked like. I was not at all disappointed. Walls and canyons of snow, drifts as high as my shoulder. And a memorable time on Lake Shore Drive!

This is Lake Shore Drive. For reference, for the next few pictures that follow, Lake Shore Drive is one of Chicago's major expressways, connecting the North Side of the city to everything else, connecting Hyde Park to the Loop, all sorts of good things. This is what it usually looks like (a stock photo):

After the storm, they'd only managed to plow the southbound lane. And even then, most people's cars were still snowed in, so only the occasional Streets and San truck was on the Drive anyway. Mostly, you get to the park and the lake shore from Hyde Park by crossing over on the bridge. But yesterday, there were no cars, and no possibility of cars at all on half the road. So people went out to frolic on the Drive:

Some people brought out their cross-country skis and their snowshoes.

There we all were, climbing and frolicking on a long stretch of compacted snow, four feet deep, that's usually a freeway roaring with traffic at sixty miles an hour!

After a while, I went to the lake. It's a nice little strip of park, with a few trees, and a stunning view of the water. Usually looks like this:

These shots were taken from the same area:

How deep was the snow? Here are a few shots of some semi-shoveled sidewalks in the neighborhood:

And finally, after a long, satisfying walk and frolic, I arrived home, via a street that has not been touched since this photo of my building was taken:

And that is what we in Chicago call a mighty storm!
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