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To quote from Peter Bowler's masterpiece of literate snark, The Superior Person's Book of Words (Delicious and obscure words, with helpful tips for using them to make covert insults):

BUMBLEPUPPY n. A nice, old-fashioned word which, according to the Concise Oxford Dictionary, means a game played with a tennis ball slung to a post. In other words, it is a perfectly correct if somewhat archaic term for any or all of those modern, glossily packaged and energetically promoted games with carefully invented, vigorous, clean-cut names such as Dyna-ball or Pole-a-Play. The connotations in bumblepuppy of bumbling and puppydogs give it a suitably condescending flavor for use when you arrive at your physical-fitness-fanatic sister's home and find her bounding around in the back yard with her disgustingly athletic husband. "Ah," you say, "I don't believe I've had a game of bumblepuppy since I was in kindergarten. You've bought it for the kiddies, have you?"

And then sometimes, you find that word taken oh-so-adorably literally. Behold two Corgis playing bumblepuppy:

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