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Those who have been following U.S. politics recently probably know that Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin, is trying to pass a bill that would effectively kill public unions. The masses of public employees in Madison have not taken too kindly to this, and have been protesting for days.

Disclosure time.

Most readers here know that I am currently a Ph.D candidate at the University of Chicago, and that I live in that city. What some of you may not know is that my previous school, where I got my MA in 2006, was the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Had things gone a wee bit differently, I might still be a student there; I had been asked if I wanted to stay and do my Ph.D there, but I'd already been accepted at the U of C. I could have been a TA there, and therefore a university employee, therefore a state employee, therefore a member of the threatened union. There but for the grace of the University of Chicago go I.

I've still got friends there, some of whom are out protesting. One of them, the illustrious cabell, has given some information about how to help out that I'd like to pass along, with her permission:

"tl;dr: PLEASE HELP US. You can donate food to protesters by calling Ian's Pizza at (608) 442-3535. They've completely shut down their storefront to focus on feeding us:

Straight2YourDoor, a delivery service that coordinates with about 30 restaurants in the vicinity of the Capitol building alone, has kindly set something up to help people donate other food to protesters (we love Ian's, but some of us are pretty sick of pizza) via any of those restaurants, and provided a $3 off coupon code (killthebill). Instructions on how to use it here, at my other blog:

You can also send fruits and veggies from Madison Fresh Market (608-287-0000) or Capitol Centre Market (608-255-2616).

NON-FOOD DONATIONS: The Teaching Assistants Association is taking donations for Capitol clean-up/maintenance & rally organizing here:

If you don't live in Wisconsin, this should still be of utmost concern to you. If Wisconsin falls, you're next.


I know I've got people of all nationalities and political persuasions on my f-list, and usually, I try to keep the bald-faced political pleading to a minimum. But this hits me where I (used to) live, so I beg your indulgence this time.
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