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Hooray Illinois, Boo Wisconsin

In a move that gives me no end of relief, Governor Quinn has abolished the death penalty in Illinois. I've always maintained that Quinn is kind of a tool, but today, Quinn is my tool. The happiest I have ever been with a Republican politician was when Governor Ryan put a moratorium on the death penalty in Illinois a few weeks after I moved to Chicago. Blagojevitch maintained the moratorium, and Quinn has made it permanent. Illinois is now no longer a death penalty state, and I am proud of him.

On the other hand, Scott Walker and his 18 thugs managed to sneak in some union-busting today. For shame! Do I have to go back up there and whap some politicians? I suspect Scott Walker's days as governor are limited. Even the people who voted for him are probably pretty steamed about this. I'd hope they are.

Three cheers for Illinois! Boo hiss to Wisconsin!
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