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The Annual Baking Of The Hamantashen

Happy Purim, everyone!

There's no dance class today because of the ball in Madison last night. (I didn't go; instead, I finished the argument for my first chapter of La Dissertation!) So today I'm heading up to the Chicago citywide singing in Wicker Park. Because it's Purim, the holiday of acting like a complete loon, I decided to make hamantashen to bring to the singing.

Every year I start out with the best intentions of making the Best Hamantashen EVAR. And every year I am reminded that, when one is making fiddly little pastries that one only makes once a year, one does not have enough practice. This year's highlight came when I accidentally managed to start the food processor (for the prune filling) without the lid being clamped on tightly enough, causing a dramatic spray of orange juice and prune bits over my kitchen. There's never the right amount of filling for the dough, so after the prune filling ran out, I used jam. The hamantashen made with the quince preserves seem to have worked out okay, and only three of the ones with blackcurrant jam leaked too badly to save.

I guess I did okay this year. Must remember to make sure the lid to the food processor is on really really tight next year.
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