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Maybe If I Write It Like This, It Will Help

The Protagonist: French Pony

The Goals For The Day: 1. Go to the bank. 2. Pay the rent for April and May. 3. Pick up my stipend check at the dean's office. 4. Return to the bank. 5. Put the finishing touches on this chapter of La Dissertation and send it off to my advisor. 6. Return CD to library.

The Obstacles: 1. Annoying head cold. 2. Why do the bank, the rental office, the library, and the dean's office have to be in that particular physical configuration to each other?

The Mysterious Yet Helpful Objects: 1. A container of yummy chicken pho. 2. The bus, if I can time it right.

So, dear readers, what will it be? Will our Protagonist succeed? Who knows? I certainly don't.
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