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Robot Opera!


Alas, not my Cubbies, who lost their season opener against the Pirates. But I scored today. I scored two free tickets to see next Friday's performance of Death and the Powers, the finest opera to come out of the MIT Media Lab, featuring both a Musical Chandelier and the Chorus of Robots. How amazingly cool is that?


It's not just the Robot Opera-ness; I have some strong family ties to MIT (Dad Pony and Uncle Pony are both alums, and Uncle Pony maintains strong ties to the place), and a friend of mine who recently got his Ph.D in robotics from MIT worked on the opera; he helped to program the dancing robots. So I had a lot of good reasons to want to see Death and the Powers. The Chicago Opera Theater routinely sends out a few free tickets to its shows to the University of Chicago Music Department, and they're put up for grabs, first come, first served. I was quick, and I scored free tickets to the exact night that I wanted to go see it! Hooray! Robot Opera!
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