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Just a generalized "hi there" sort of a post. The school year here is winding down, except that it never really does, for grad students. I met with the Dean of Students of the Divinity School yesterday to discuss the course I'm going to design and teach for my fellowship there. I think I'm going to go with the title "Jewish Women's Paths To Religious Leadership." There's a lot you can do with that topic, and I can already see some ways to divide up the course. The next step is to put together a reading list, I think, and then see where I can shop it around to.

I'd be perfectly happy to teach it here at the U of C in the Div School, which is an option, but it would also be cool to teach it at another school. Loyola, maybe, or Columbia, or even Spertus, if I can make it a Master's level course. That way, I'd have an adjunct faculty position at another school on my CV, and have contacts in their religious studies programs, which would probably be good for my future. Decisions, decisions. First thing to do is to design the course.

On a totally unrelated note, I attended a recital given by a fellow student on Monday. At the reception afterwards, we were all chatting, and the conversation turned, as it does in this haven of nerdliness, to politics and religion, two favorite topics in the Music Department. One of my friends noted this with some amusement; we'd all forgotten that the two topics you're never supposed to talk about at a party are . . . politics and religion! But really, they're just so fascinating, and, hey, we're academics. Our basic mode of interaction is the Friendly Argument With Requests To Pass The Crackers. No point in making conversation unless you can make interesting conversation, says I.
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