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Hither And Yon

And I'm off to Yon. Specifically, Germany, tomorrow. One nice thing is that the cold is pretty much cleared up, so that shouldn't be a problem. Also, I'm taking an evening flight, so I can spend a leisurely morning packing and calling the Pony Parents, having done my traditional pre-travel houseclean today. (This is a habit I picked up from Aunt Pony; the theory is that you do a houseclean before you leave so that your house will be "welcoming" when you return. I have to say, I do like returning to a house that's been cleaned and then not used for the duration. Even if there's a little layer of dust on the dresser or something, it's still basically fresh and welcoming.)

After this trip I am going to enjoy being in Chicago for a while, yes I am. I'm also going to get started on my next dissertation chapter, which is burning a hole in my brain but which is just going to have to wait until the rumbling stops.
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