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I Am So Terribly Sorry

saadiira reminded me today that it has been ages and ages since I've posted. I am so sorry. I didn't mean to abandon my friends. It's just that . . . well, stuff kind of kept on happening, in interesting little dribs and drabs, and I kept meaning to post about it, but then something else interesting would happen, or I'd be out late and be tired, or or or . . .

It's not an excuse, I know. I'll try to do better.

In the meantime, here's a brief rundown. The school year has started, which is a little weird for me because I'm not taking classes. I had a brief but intense bout of Dissertation Writing over the summer, and I've got two chapters done. I'm working busily on a third, which will be done by the end of December. I'll be presenting part of it as a conference paper at SEM in Philadelphia in November, my first SEM paper! The rest has to be done by the end of December, because I'll be workshopping it at the seminar that goes with my fellowship in January.

Also as part of my fellowship, I have to teach a course, ideally of my own design, also ideally based on some aspect of La Dissertation, at some school in the Chicagoland area. Part of the reason for my lack of posting was that I spent a lot of time putting this course together. The course I came up with is called "Jewish Women's Paths To Religious Leadership." After some frantic shopping it around, I found a home for it.

Starting in January, I'll be teaching this course as Jewish Studies/Gender Studies 394 at the University of Illinois at Chicago! Can you believe it? I'll be an instructor at another school! I'm really looking forward to this. The head of the Jewish Studies program met with me last week, and told me all about the students at UIC; they sound like a neat bunch of people, and I'm excited to meet them.

I'm going up to Milwaukee this weekend for their Halloween (Scottish Country) Dance. I'm going dressed as a Dancing Zombie. That means a zombie from the ankles up, and a Scottish Country Dancer from the ankles down, because you can't really dance in zombie footwear. If zombies wear footwear, that is.

Also, Mom Pony resurrected my violin from the closet where it had been dumped in 1988, after Reagan-era budget cuts did away with the violin lessons I'd been taking at school. Miracle of miracles, it was still in excellent shape! It needed a little work, but I spent some of my grandmother's birthday money to have the strings and bridge replaced and the bow re-haired (the gaohu bow, too, while I was at it). And you know the best part? I can still play a little. I'm picking it up again, casually, a bit at a time. Enough, for instance, to corral one of my friends into accompanying me on the piano as we recorded "It Was A Very Good Year" to accompany the filk that Mom Pony wrote for Aunt Pony's 70th birthday party, which was a big hit, all twelve verses (sung by Dad Pony and Little Sister Pony). I am a hopeless music nerd.

How is everyone doing? Have I missed anything important? I'm so sorry I let this slip my mind. I'll do better. I promise.

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