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I think the Pony Parents are still without power from the storm that hit New England over the weekend. I was briefly able to talk to Dad Pony on the cell phone, so I know they're okay. And I'm mightily glad that I convinced them to get a gas stovetop when they remodeled their kitchen a couple of years ago; they can actually cook meals during power outages. But still, it's frustrating. And this is the second time in two months that they've been without power for days on end, the first time being Hurricane Irene.

The phone lines are down along with the electrical lines, which means that communication is difficult. And it's my grandmother's ninety-first birthday today, and she's in the same town, so I can't call her, either. Not that it would make a whole lot of difference, because she's deaf as a post, but still.

At least I got a draft of my SEM paper done. And that SEM paper is the first third of my next dissertation chapter, so it's doubly useful. Now I get to do the fun bit and put together the powerpoint so I can show pictures and play music and video to my spellbound audience. Which, I was told just before the storm, will include Mom Pony and Aunt Finduilas!
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