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Pony Hits The Big Time

My very first SEM paper ever was a great hit! I had a wee bit of a scare on Friday morning when I realized that the hotel's computers did not like my PowerPoint. However, that's why there's a speaker prep room, and that's why I visited it early. I had plenty of time to go up to my room, grab my own laptop, and do a bit of Tech Ninja wizardry to get the presentation working on my computer. I hooked that up in the panel room, and we were good to go.

Mom Pony and Aunt Finduilas sneaked in as promised. My advisor was there, along with the rest of the U of C ethnomusicology faculty, and lots of friends, including the INPOD! I got lots and lots of really good questions, and I know now where this is going to go in its transformation into the third chapter of La Dissertation.

And my advisor was just beaming and said it was "high on the applause-o-meter."

Now I'm at home with the Pony Parents, having earned some serious vegging out.
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