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Singing last night was really glorious. One of the Northside singers has been stopping by occasionally bringing a box of Norumbega Harmony books, and whenever he does, we dive right in. Last night, I got to lead "Boston" and sing "Jubilant," two of my favorites, both of which are in Norumbega. And I found out that Norumbega has "Heroism," which is a fancier fugue setting of the same poem as "Bunker Hill." Next time the Norumbega comes out, I'm going to lead that.

Also, we had guests! There was this guy from New Jersey who'd been on the West Coast and was traveling back across the country by train, so he made a pit stop in Chicago to sing with us. And there were these two kids from University Chorus, lured in by having sung a few shape-note tunes in their recent concert, so well done lcohen! I hope they come back for the Passover singing next week. They were fun to have along.

I'm off to God's Own Country for the seder weekend. Tonight, I dine with Little Sister Pony in Cambridge. Yay!
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