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Do-It-Yourself Bach's B Minor Mass kicks ass.

About a hundred hardy souls showed up at the church in Oak Park, maybe forty of whom had sung the piece before. We had four lovely soloists (although the tenor squeaked a bit on his high notes), a brave director, and a sturdy pianist. And we plowed our way through this masterpiece, starting from Kyrie I all the way through Dona Nobis Pacem. And it was glorious. A little ragged in parts, but we mostly managed to stay together, and it sounded really cool! Especially when we split into double choirs for the Osanna. That was neat. And it's a great way to experience a work like this, too. It's entertaining, challenging, and beautiful, and by the end, you have a far more intimate connection with the B Minor Mass than if you'd just sat and listened to a choir sing it.

In short: Going to a singalong B Minor Mass was a totally awesome thing to do, and I loved every bit of it. Thank you, rhobike!
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