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Dad Pony's Medical Adventures

Dad Pony is having quite the medical summer. It turned out that the chest pains indicated a 90% blocked artery (and this in a diet and exercise fiend, too!), according to his cardiologist today. They'd gone to see a cardiologist at the hospital where I was born, which coincidentally has a kick-butt cardiology department. So they decided that he needed a medicated stent in his heart, and they whisked him off to the OR and did the deed right then and there.

He's doing fine, except that he has to lie absolutely still until tomorrow, which is driving him crazy. He claims that he's cool with it, but he seemed pretty freaked out when I talked to him on the phone. Mom Pony was very excited that they now have a CD of the angiogram. I guess they can put it on the computer and use it as a desktop or something. I have no idea.

Anyway, the doctor says Dad is completely fixed now, except for the broken wrist and the general aging and weirdness. They're ninety percent sure he'll be going home tomorrow. He'll have to recover, and he won't be doing any dancing at Marcia's wedding, but that's okay. I told him I'd dance for both of us.

I'm going home on Sunday, and I'm really glad about that. If nothing else, I can ask him if I'm talking to him or his stent double.
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