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For Want Of A Nail

I just finally wriggled out from under a Housework Chain. These things don't always happen, and I'm glad of the results when they happen, but they are annoying when they do happen.

1. I knew that I needed to repot one of my plants, a giant monster aloe that had almost as many babies as the Duggars.

2. When thinking about repotting, I looked at the spider plant and realized that it needed repotting as well, and even more urgently. It also needed a change of scene, from the windowsill to someplace that was not a windowsill.

3. This led me on the hunt for a plant stand, as well as a new pot for the aloe and some new potting soil.

4. Over the course of two days, everyone got repotted, the monster aloe was broken up, and now I've got the babies adjusting to their new pots.

5. Unfortunately, while doing this, I realized just how filthy my windowsills were. Which meant that, after repotting the aloes this morning, I also had to scrub the windowsills and wash some of the decorations that live on them. Argh!

Fortunately, everything is washed, dried, displayed, repotted, set on a plant stand, and otherwise taken care of. And it's nice to have everything clean and done. But, boy, was it annoying to get caught in a Housework Chain! I also suspect that I'll just end up doing a general houseclean after I get back from the singings this weekend. Well, at least I'll end up with a clean house, and that's always pleasant.
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