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A Festival Of Garlic!

One of the little souvenirs I brought home from my trip out to the Young People's Singing was six heads of garden garlic from a friend in Wisconsin. All of the garlic in her garden had ripened precipitously on account of the drought, so she was desperate to get rid of some of it, so everyone in the car who wanted garlic got some. I ended up with six heads, three each of two different varieties.

Thus did Garlic Week (well, Garlic Week And A Half) commence chez Pony!

With all that garlic, I was able to make those extravagant dishes that use garlic by the head, not by the clove. Three of them in a row, no less. First was Garlic Camp Pasta (two heads), which is shells with a really simple, yet really garlicky, creamy tomato sauce. Next up was Ginger Garlic Beef (one head), which I've made before, but which is always a pleasure to make again. Finally, I finished up with a recipe that Little Sister Pony sent me, Chicken With Forty Cloves Of Garlic (three heads). That one was stunning. Unlike the other two recipes, the forty cloves of garlic are left whole, but they're cooked a long time over low heat, and all the sharpness melts out of them, so that they become soft, a little sweet, and oh so aromatic and flavorful.

Garlic Week has been lots of fun. All three dishes were excellent, though I'm a little sad I didn't get to make garlic bread (it's been too hot to even think about baking bread). Next time, I guess. And, truth to tell, I am getting a wee bit tired of peeling lots and lots of garlic cloves. Time to move on. But, wow. Garlic city for a while. That was neat!
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