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Blessed Are The Cheesemakers

Mom Pony sent me my birthday present a couple of weeks early this year. It's a kit from Williams-Sonoma for making your own mozzarella and ricotta cheese! She sent it early so that it would arrive in time for the traditional visit with my best friend (and his new wife, yay!), because it's a fun thing that we can all do together (we all like cooking). I'm excited about this. Even if the cheese doesn't work or turns out to be terrible, it'll be a fun thing to do and a neat experiment to see How Things Work. Mom Pony agrees with me on this. It turns out that we both have the same semi-secret love of DIY and the same reasons behind it -- we're both insatiably curious about How Things Get To Be The Way They Are.

In my case, this often turned into a tendency to take things apart before I got old enough to learn how to make things. Mom Pony calls it "busy fingers," and it was one of the reasons that I had piano lessons as a kid -- anything to keep the busy fingers doing something productive rather than destructive! But now that I'm in grad school, I've learned a fancy new word for it. I can now call myself a "kinesthetic learner" and design lesson plans around experimenting and playing instruments and singing and dancing and all sorts of show-and-tell. And the pedagogical establishment will love it, and they'll never ever ever guess that it's just fancy teacherese for a French Pony who likes to stick her fingers into everything.

In other news, I've started writing my fifth dissertation chapter, and am therefore in need of trashy media to counteract. I tore through Kitty Kelley's book The Royals, which is kind of this lengthy biography of the House of Windsor up through about 1996 or so. It is hilariously trashy and snarky and totally biased. Kelley does not like any of these people one little bit, and she lets all that dislike hang out, accentuating the negative and gloating and pointing fingers. It's so biased that it's impossible to take seriously, but my God, it's a fun read! I haven't laughed so much in ages.
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