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Pony Goes To N'Awlins (Part One)

So, in amongst all the excitement of the election and the first draft of La Dissertation, there was a conference. This was the Big One. The Three-Way In New Orleans. All three of the major American music societies -- the Society for Ethnomusicology, the American Musicological Society, and the Society for Music Theory -- all converged on New Orleans at the beginning of the month. Picture it -- four thousand musicologists, all dumped on the Big Easy.

Hey, you don't have to! I have a picspam! Most of the pictures are of the French Quarter. The conference was spread across two hotels, both of which were right across the street from the French Quarter, so, for the bits of time that I was able to escape the conference and go tourist around, that's where I went. There's way more of New Orleans that I want to see, but I guess I'll just have to go back another time . . . .

So, first of all, my friend and I were staying in one of the conference hotels. She'd booked us a room on the fifteenth floor that came with a river view. And the dawn view over the Mississippi River was just incredible! Too bad my friend isn't a morning person and wasn't really awake to see it.

2.  Out Window Dawn 1

3.  Mighty Mississip Dawn

We were on Canal Street, and the weather throughout the conference was absolutely gorgeous, and there were palm trees. I suspect that palm trees aren't native to the area, but were planted because it's The South, and people expect palm trees in The South. At least, that's what my friend from Pensacola says.

4.  Canal Street

You can really tell when you're in the French Quarter, because the architecture changes. It turns from Ye Olde Generic City into . . . voila!

6.  French Quarter 1

8.  Balconies

9.  Balconies With Flags

Not that the architecture in the Non-French part doesn't provide the occasional lovely surprise, of course.

14.  Pretty Facade

You can also see some fun signs if you hang around the city. This tile was just kind of . . . glued onto a wall. I don't even think it was a law office. It was just there, making people smile who walked by it.

5.  Lawyer Sign

And, of course, signage in the French Quarter proclaims itself. Not just that it's Frrrrench, but I also loved the signs that pointed to an even older heritage of the city.

10.  Rue St. Louis

11.  Calle de Tolosa

What else is there? Come to the next post and find out!

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