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A Dilemma

Ever since I took a course on American politics in high school, and received a subscription to Newsweek as part of the course materials, I've been a faithful subscriber and reader. Even as the magazine got dumber and dumber, it was nice to have something to sit down with. Newsweek, a cup of tea, a nice comfy chair . . . a weekly ritual. But now, Newsweek has decided to go digital.

I'm canceling my subscription. For years, the magazine hasn't been particularly intelligent, and I've kept it mainly because of the aforementioned "me time" ritual. If it's not in paper form, it's no good to me, and I'm not going to spend my money on Digital Newsweek when is available for free.

But I am going to miss the newsmagazine break, so I'm thinking of picking up a different newsmagazine subscription if they refund the remainder of my old Newsweek subscription. I just have to pick which one, though. Time is an option, being pretty similar to Newsweek, although it's been getting dumber over the years, too. The Economist is also an option, with good writing and interesting stories, although their editorial board strikes me as fairly sexist.

Do any of you have recommendations? What's your favorite good weekly news magazine that is interesting and balanced, and aimed at an audience with an above-grade-school education level?
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