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I Love Evening Flights

I am amazingly glad that flights from the US to Europe tend to leave in the late afternoon. It means that I can have the morning of the day of my departure to get stuff done, like clean house, take out the trash and the recycling . . . oh, and apply for graduation.

Apparently, the deadline to apply for a Spring 2013 degree is on Friday. The Dean of Students Office has not sent out their e-mail actually mentioning this to people, and it was only because one of my friends, who is also graduating, brought me some cake to break Pesach with and mentioned degree applications that I remembered to get in touch with the Dean of Students Office. Fortunately, the application is easy and took under ten minutes, but whoa. Imagine if I had not remembered to do that. I'd be in Ireland, and that deadline would go whooshing past.

No matter how carefully you plan, there's always something at the last minute, I guess . . .

Off to Ireland today!
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