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The Ponies Are Coming! The Ponies Are Coming!

You know how some cultures have wedding celebrations that last an entire week? That's going to be my graduation. People flying in from all over the U.S. and a few from outside the U.S., a week of parties, events, random meetups, Chinese food, Manny's Deli, and the general shrieking and hollering that tends to happen when a Pony Family Event rolls into town. Culminating next Saturday, June 15, in me in my gorgeous maroon gown getting hooded. Followed by a lengthy photo call that will involve Dr. Pony, Dr. Dad Pony, and (if Mom Pony's photo-subject corralling skills are up to snuff, which they are, and frighteningly so) Advisor, in various combinations, all in our robes. Will your eyeballs ever be the same again? (Survey says: No.)

The Event kicks off officially tomorrow with a party at Wrigley Field. But the troops are assembling today. If you're in Chicago, consider this a PSA: you have about four hours from this posting to take cover. The Ponies are coming!
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