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Lord Of The Nostalgia Critic

The Nostalgia Critic has returned to discussing LOTR, in high style. These are what he thinks are the 11 weakest bits of the movie trilogy, and most of them are definite legitimate critiques. (The fifteen thousand endings! Denethor The Caricature! The Weird Thing With Arwen!) I'm especially fond of the "Sauron's Gate" scenes he does with Rachel and Malcolm.

And here's what I think about the Eagles, which are a Weird Thing in both the book and the movie. I think that Tolkien hadn't yet learned to think about air warfare while he was writing LOTR. His war used airplanes mostly for single combat, and I think that he just didn't quite grok the potential for long-distance strategic military flight fast enough to translate it into Middle-earth technology and worldview and write it convincingly into his story. Maybe if he'd started to write LOTR after 1945, the book would have been a lot shorter. Who knows?
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