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What A Day

The large furniture moved today. This means two important things.

Thing One: I am stunned and exhausted -- stunxhausted? The movers came at ten, but I was out and about by 8, schlepping a couple of bags, odds and ends, and a surprisingly heavy floor lamp over to the new place. Then the movers showed up. They were fabulous. They hauled everything down three flights of stairs, and they even offered to take my old bed frame apart and take it downstairs for large trash collection, which I had been planning to do myself, but which I was more than happy to have them do for me. (The bed frame had lived out its useful life, and I have a new bed frame now, which I will sleep in tonight for the first time.)

Then we all drove over to the new place. I got to sit in the cab of the truck, and one of the movers sat in the truck part. This was because (according to the movers) I am the lady, and one should always treat the lady right, and also because (according to me) I was the one who knew where we were going. They took about fifteen minutes to get the furniture into the new place, and there I was. Ready to continue unpacking. The place looks sort of halfway like home now. This also means that . . .

Thing Two: I'm now pretty much based at Apartment B. Phone and internet won't move till Monday, though, so I'm actually right at this moment in the mostly-empty, echoing Apartment A, having returned to check e-mail and LJ, as well as pick up a few more things to move by hand.

OMG. I'm Mostly Moved. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
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