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A recap of the past two days:

1. Kids with cancer are being turned away from NIH drug trials.

2. Cousin Halbarad and his wife, who are both park rangers, have been furloughed -- that is, they're no longer being paid -- and are not allowed to set foot in their own park, except to use the daycare.

3. The supplemental nutrition program for women, infants, and children (WIC) is not being funded.

4. A woman has gone missing at a national park in Idaho, and the park rangers who know the territory are actively prohibited from helping to look for her.

5. The Food and Drug Administration is currently not inspecting food or drugs for safety.

6. The Library of Congress is closed to researchers.

7. The intelligence agencies that prevent the terrorist attacks that security theater doesn't touch are running on 30% staffing.

But, goshdarnit, the Congresspersons who ordered all this to happen just so that people like me won't be able to afford health insurance because that's against freedom -- well, they're still getting paid!

What's wrong with this picture?


Oct. 6th, 2013 08:03 am (UTC)
Oddly enough, I don't mind that they're getting paid. I suppose I should be mad about that aspect of things, and certainly don't blame the rage coming from other people. I guess a big part of me is just uncomfortable using the threat of not getting paid as punishment for how they vote. Plus if there's anyone we want working overtime right now, it's the people who need to arrange things so this shutdown (to say nothing of the larger sequester) can end.

That said: this whole situation is so far borked, it's not even funny. Sorry for the impact on your cousins in particular. Being furloughed is no fun at all.
Oct. 6th, 2013 01:19 pm (UTC)
Turns out I know a couple of other people who are directly affected by the shutdown. A family friend who's working in a government law office has likely been furloughed, as has another friend working for one of the intelligence agencies (and his girlfriend). It strikes me that all of the nice Secret Service people who guard President Obama's house in Hyde Park and who therefore hang around the synagogue all the time might not be getting paid (maybe the synagogue is giving them produce from its garden?). And finally, a lot of Little Sister Pony's research grant proposals might be stalled, since she's applying for NIH funding.

None of these people make massive amounts of money. Congress, on the other hand, makes six figures per year. It's October already, so they've already made the bulk of that six figures. I'm pretty sure they have enough financial cushion that I wouldn't shed tears over their lost salary had they lost any.


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