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Take Two

I just took my second attempt at something resembling Cherry Naticks out of the oven. The dough didn't look like it was in much shape to be made into rolled cookies, and I was a little leery of attempting pastry cups again after the first fail, so I made something that can become sort of sandwich-bars-esque. I rolled out a bottom crust, spread it with cherry preserves, then rolled out a top crust. The top crust did its level best to crumble as I tried to transfer it onto the bottom, so I ended up just putting it on in pieces. Then I sprinkled the top crust with sugar for some sparkle, and I baked it. The result is something that right now is sort of a free-form sandwich pie shaped vaguely like Australia. I'm going to let it cool for a bit and then see if I can cut it up into eating-size squares, or if I should wait to do that until I serve it. I think it'll be okay. The dough is crumbly, and is itself not notably sweet. But the cherry preserves and the sugar sparkle should make up for that, and the crust does taste good, I think -- it's made of almond flour and has some maple syrup and vanilla in it for flavor.

I'm still not totally satisfied, but I think I might be on the way to developing a good Cherry Natick.
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