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Cookie Report

So I did end up making something edible for my first shot at Cherry Naticks on Thursday. The singers ate them all up and seemed to like them, which is a good first step. The dough that I used turned out to be fragile enough that pastry cups were no longer an option, so I rolled out a bottom crust, spread it with cherry jam, and then rolled out a top crust. That crust promptly shattered, so I kind of patched it onto the bottom, resulting in a kind of free-form pie thing shaped vaguely like Australia. I sprinkled it with sugar, because I didn't have enough maple syrup to mix into the dough, and baked it. After it cooled completely, I cut it into bars, and those bars were well received.

I think I'm going to try a bit more noodling before I declare Official Cherry Natick status, though. I want to try again with the full measure of maple syrup, and I also want to see what happens if I add an egg white to the dough in place of part of the coconut oil -- I hope that the egg white will bind it better than the coconut oil did.

But I'm well on my way here. All you singers will just have to put up with being my baking guinea pigs for a bit longer, alas, alackaday.
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