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Now It Can Be Told

Confirmed with an e-mail exchange this morning:

I went to England, and I went to Cambridge, and I met with the committee, and . . . I knocked it out of the park! I got the fellowship! I got the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Research Fellowship at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge!

This is a fellowship designed for early career scholars, to provide a place to really get good solid post-doctoral research done. It's three years, during which I'll essentially be doing the research and fieldwork for my second book. I'm also, according to my faculty mentor at Corpus, one of only a very few people at Corpus doing research on Jewish topics. She's one of the other very few people, and is thrilled that I'll be there and that we can work together.

Term starts on October 1, but I'll probably move to Cambridge before that, just to settle in and learn my way around. And learn to punt. That's key. I am absolutely going to have a punting party for at least one of my birthdays while I'm at Corpus.

I really didn't expect them to move so fast on this. I had my interview at noon on Friday, and, from the timestamps on various e-mails I received, it seems that they decided to take me less than an hour after the interview. I guess my presentation went better than I thought!

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