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When Fortunetelling Actually Works

Every now and then, the old folk methods of divining the future come through with startling, shining clarity and truth.

The other day, I made my morning cup of tea using a spoonful of loose tea leaves and a mesh tea ball pretty much like this one. This was a tea ball I bought years and years ago in Madison, and it's made many a cup of delicious tea, but I'd just worn it out. The catch that keeps it closed and keeps the tea leaves contained slid open the moment the water hit it, spilling the whole spoonful of tea directly into the cup.

Well, you don't want to waste good tea, so I drank it anyway. And then, since there was that big leafy mess at the bottom of the cup, I decided, what the hell, I'll read my tea leaves. And whaddaya know, the tea leaves told The Truth. They said, Today, you will purchase a new tea ball.

And . . . I did!

Witchcraft, I say ye, witchcraft!
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