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The Dying Of The iGor

So it looks like iGor, my faithful desktop iMac, is going the way of all good things, just like Lord Jeff before. It's not unexpected -- iGor lasted nearly eight years, had one OS update, and served me well for writing La Dissertation. My fellowship comes with support for the purchase of a new computer, which will probably be a nice laptop that is actually portable, unlike my current laptop. But that won't kick in until the fall. So, for right now, I've been working with my neighbor, who is a computer tech, to see if we can't patch up ol' iGor long enough to limp through until Cambridge. So far, we've replaced the hard drive, but since iGor's optical drive is also dead, we're still working on a way to set up hardware chains that will allow us to reboot the operating system. Fortunately, my neighbor has loaned me an old laptop until that happens, so I can still function and communicate with everyone.

We're also gearing up for Passover -- Neighbor isn't Jewish, but he likes to host a big, ecumenical, all-inclusive seder every year, and this year, he's asked me to lead it on Tuesday. I'm excited -- it'll be my first time leading a seder! We've worked together to assemble a good haggadah out of the several that we have between us, and I'll be adding a few modern touches, such as the orange and the Cup of Miriam. I'm also in charge of making the haroset, roasting the shankbone, and cooking the brisket. So there's work to be done, but I think it'll be a neat seder in the end. I'm looking forward to it.


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Apr. 15th, 2014 03:02 pm (UTC)
Well, the passing of iGor is eased by the presence of the Loaner Laptop, so the news isn't all bad.

This seder will be awesome, if I have anything to do with it. And I do! Let's see . . . I'm in charge of assembling the service, leading the service, the haroset, the brisket, the orange, the plate, the matzo covers, and the Cup of Miriam. Neighbor and I are collaborating on the shankbone and the brisket (he bought them, I'm cooking them, his roasting pan is being used for the brisket), and the service inserts (I chose them from my personal haggodahs, and Neighbor scanned and printed them). Neighbor is responsible for the guest list, the rest of the dinner, the eggs, the salt water, the horseradish, the parsley, the matzoh, the candles, the Cup of Elijah, the handwashing equipment, and the wine. I think we've got everything covered.

I'll start the brisket going in about an hour or so, and I can make the haroset while the brisket roasts.


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