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Book Recommendation

Last night, I finished an absolutely fascinating book for my ethnomusicology seminar. It's called Arrest the Music! Fela and His Rebel Art and Politics by Tejumola Olaniyan, about the Nigerian afrobeat musican Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. Even if you're not into Nigerian pop music, this is a great read. Olaniyan keeps the focus tightly on Fela's music, even as he includes quite a bit of information about Fela's personal life (which is a story unto itself) and the larger political saga of Nigeria as it struggles through the postcolonial era. The ideas are complex, but Olaniyan is a good enough writer that you don't get bogged down in either musical or political theory. It's also remarkably gripping. This is the first book for this seminar that I just couldn't put down. I haven't run into many academic books that keep you up at night saying "just one more page, I mean it this time," and then you find that you've read fifteen. But I just hoovered this one up. It was great. Go read it.
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