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This Year In Chicago

Last year, when the Red Sox took the World Series and Boston went bananas, Little Sister Pony was working in Boston. One of the rabbis she worked with, knowing that she came from a houseful of rabid Chicago Cubs fans, laughed and said, "Next Year in Chicago!"

Turns out, he was right. Only, the other team. The Go-Go White Sox spanked the Astros in four games last night. The revelry in the taverns on the South Side must have been legendary (as will the hangovers today be). This breaks an 80+-year World Series drought for the second year in a row. Here's hoping that the third year will be the charm for the Cubbies. And, of course congratulations to the denizens of (snerk) U.S. Cellular Field!

In other corners of the world. . .

Dear Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: You are Not Cool. The world knows this. The U.N. knows this. Even the Palestinians know this. Israel is not going anywhere, and you may as well accept that fact and find a more realistic way to deal with that state. Because others have called for Israel to be wiped off the map, and you know what? It hasn't worked. Get over yourself, grow a spine, and try a little diplomacy.
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